Hosting & Maintenance

For a fixed annual fee of £100 we will host and maintain your website and renew your domain registration for you


Our business depends on a reliable hosting infrastructure and we make sure your sites have the same support and security.

We've been hosting our own websites and content managed solutions for many years. Building and maintaining websites as part of a profit-making business means that we depend on the reliability of our hosting infrastructure and the easy switching from development to live sites.

We can provide both standard hosting and managed hosting options for our clients. If you are confident in your abilities behind the scenes we offer a dedicated control panel which you can use to manage all the features of your site.

Alternatively, as used by the majority of our clients, we offer a managed service. You are busy and don't have time to keep your website updated, or fiddle about under the bonnet with databases, email, file storage and backups. For an annual fee we will look after all of this for you and upload new articles or photos or anything else for your website as and when you want. No extra charges for making changes as it is included in the annual fee. In return all we ask is that this be seen as a reasonable use policy and not one to be abused.

What is reasonable use? We are pretty flexible and understand that at particular times, when your business may have a lot going on, you may need frequent updates and we are happy to oblige and usually within 24 hours; However if continued use of this facility becomes a daily occurrence then this could be considered unreasonable - once a week MIGHT be considered unreasonable on an ongoing basis.

From our perspective we have factored in around 6 hours support per year for updates etc. which equates to half an hour per month - continued use of the service beyond that will be flagged before being refused! If you anticipate the need for frequent support we can negotiate a mutually acceptable charge.