A selection of our previous work. If you click on the image of the website you will be taken to that site in a new window.

Proud to be a Dairy Farmer, Australia

An off shoot from the FASC website. When the organisers needed a larger focus on this programme, they asked me to create a similar themed site to handle advertising the course details and online applications for it.

FASC, Australia

Fonterra Australia Suppliers Council was born out of the Bonlac Supply Company farmers co-operative that I had built a site for a few years previously. I can only assume that they were happy with the support and site management services that I had given them over the years as they came back to me again for the new site! They were looking for a new design and layout to reflect the newer style branding of the new organisation

vrtour360.co.uk Gloucester

website homepage photo

A new start up venture looking to create virtual tours for the property, commercial and industrial sectors

Crewe Flyers Swimming Club, Cheshire

A local swimming club, the site is built with a limited access members area controlled by a registration system built into the back end. The club can access and edit the site from the front end and rarely contact us for updates. As part of the commission we also produced a vectorised logo to allow them to produce print work at any scale and a pdf based diet handbook for the members. This is the second incarnation of the site as I was re-commissioned to rebuild the site and allowed more latitude in the design and layout than I had previously been given!

D Day Training, Cheshire

D Day Training specialises in training for LGV drivers such as practical driving courses in preparation for tests as well as periodic training such as CPC modules and First Aid at work courses. 

Original Furniture Products, Cheshire

A local craftsman creating beautiful bespoke kitchens and furniture from his workshop in Burland Cheshire. Tim Lawlor came to me as he wanted to expand the site from a one page Wordpress site that he had commissioned a few yers earlier. The brief was to develop the site and implement an SEO programme to improve the search engine placement of his site.

Bonlac Supply Company, Australia

A farming cooperative who collectively sell their milk to Fonterra Australia

Foresters Arms, Carlton, North Yorkshire

Now a community owned pub, saved from closure in 2011. Initially we were asked to produce a quick website for their committee to coordinate the fund raising activities which is still in use today, and the new landlord asked us to produce a website for the day to day activities at the pub itself.

Coverdale Community Pub, North Yorkshire

A community organisation that clubbed together to buy the local pub when it was set to be closed. Team members at Tim Howell Web Design who know the pub and some members of the committee well, offered to do do a pro bono site to help them publicise the cause and to use it as a method for communicating with shareholders as the project developed.

Climate Group, Crewe, Cheshire

Another local company - the Climate Group suppliers of industrial ventilation and heating equipment.

One 2 One Motorcycle Training, Staffordshire

One of our first customers! The original site was built back in 2002 as a static site, with every line of code written by hand; Through several iterations, and a conversion to a responsive layout in 2015 they remain a loyal customer.

Innopak, Auckland, New Zealand

A manufacturer and supplier of industrial packing equipment and bagging lines. The client has been with us since 2007 and is looking to make the transition to a responsive site soon. We are currently working on a website for a new venture the client is undertaking - watch this space!